We use remotely sensed data to analyse and monitor landscapes to provide actionable information.

Working with industry, investors, governments, and regional authorities to monitor change we create the analytics required to support the sustainable management of landscapes and forests. Our tailored products and data layers are hosted as web applications in a secure and easy to access platform.

Resource insights

We create the forest intelligence… needed by investors, planners, and policymakers. Using remote sensing, data science and forest modelling, we provide the information required to accurately describe forest resources.

Our insights provide strategic intelligence to support investment decisions, update wood availability forecasts and evaluate wood processing opportunities.

See our Resource Insights case studies for more information.


Landscape Monitoring

Our scalable routines provide an efficient method of detecting change across forests and landscapes. Governments, regional authorities, industry and investors use our monitoring layers to track afforestation success and environmental compliance and demonstrate supply chain security.

Precision Forestry and AI

Designed to extract information from high-resolution aerial images, our artificial intelligence (AI) models can identify individual tree locations and update stand metrics. Foresters and regional authorities use this information to confirm establishment success, benchmark site productivity and monitor the spread and control of invasive tree species.


Actionable analytics from earth observation data to routinely monitor forest and landscape environments