National Scale Monitoring

Advancements in high-resolution Earth Observation Systems, data science, and cloud computing can support landscape change monitoring. Yet, the deployment of these technologies frequently fails to extend beyond the pilot stage, if not aided.

Our approach builds on a decade of experience working in tropical landscapes and strives to provide the information required to make decisions that are, informed, responsive, and well-planned.

A brief insight into Indufor's role in designing the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system for Guyana Forestry Commission. The interview comes from the perspective of Pete Watt (Head of Resource Monitoring) and Chaplin Chan (Principal Applications Developer), providing some of the technical inputs behind the MRV system, from its inception, to the current system and future plans.

The solution developed through a partnership with Google is user-friendly and adaptable to provide agencies with timely information on extractive activities, protected areas, and facilitate and improve planning for development within forests.

The monitoring solution presents a compelling example of how Guyana Forestry Commission uses Sentinel-2 to detect and characterise forest change and Sentinel-1 Radar imagery to provide 'Alerts' which highlight areas of probable change. The two data streams combine to ensure accurate countrywide deforestation monitoring - increasing progress towards a near real-time solution. The following interface offers a glimpse of the datasets included within Guyana’s national forest monitoring solution. Today, the forest change record spans ten years, and the information produced supports Guyana's resource monitoring efforts.